Welcome to the Hmong New Year Celebration at Fresno, CA.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
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  1. Support and Help
    Support and Help
    As we are preparing to bring new and exciting changes to the new year, we will be needing your support to make this happen. We will be happy to have you volunteer for our event. Your support will be crucial to help us make a change in the community. Thank you to those who have already help us.
  2. Vendor Promotional Discount
    Vendor Promotional Discount
    ​​Our promotional discounts of $100 off for every second, third, and fourth booth will end on July 31, 2017. If you plan to get two to four booths, now is the time to reserve it before our discount is over.
  3. Hmong TV Show
    Hmong TV Show
    Every Thursday night at 9 PM to 10 PM we will be on Hmong TV Network to discuss about our organization and updates on our progress.
With the proceeds from the Hmong New Year celebration we plan to:
1. Promote educational advancement: helping students reach higher education.
2. Promote economic development: creating programs to provide business training.
3. Promote cultural enlightenment: encouraging the young to learn our cultural heritage.
4. Promote community involvement: establishing good relationships with other ethnicity.
A Hmong American community living in harmony and prosperity.

To Strengthen the Hmong American community.